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The Cadillac (sometimes known as the Trapeze Table) is a wonderful piece of Pilates equipment.

Originally designed from a bed frame and mattress, it also operates on the pull and push system.  Whereas the Reformer uses a gliding carriage, the Cadillac  uses a stationary platform.

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The Cadillac repertoires utilize gravity as one of its many sources for resistance.  With such classic exercises as “Walking” and the “Roll Up”, you will engage your core strength and stability, as well as core agility, and develop spinal strength and flexibility.

​​Floor work is the most engaging of all the Pilates repertoires.

Floor work does not use any spring-loaded equipment to assist in any of  its repertoire.  All of the resistance is within your body.  

Though it works the whole body, the fundamental focus of floor work is the abdominals and back muscles… known as the CORE.

 Though floor work does not utilize large equipment, such as the Reformer or the Cadillac, it does have many fun tools that can be  used.

To name a few, they are: 

The Pilates Ring, Bands, Blocks, Form Roller, Stability Ball, Fit Ball,  Dowels, Weighted Poles, and the Pilates Wedge  as well as the Pilates Arc and Step Barrel. 

​​If you really want a challenging  full-body work out that will tone and strengthen your whole body, then try  MeU Pilates FloorWork. 

While the Reformer and the Cadillac require a large part of their repertoire lying down, the Wunda Chair allows the same benefits as the Reformer and/or the Cadillac in an upright position. 

​As with all of the Pilates equipment, the Wunda Chair really demands the engagement of the abdominal and back muscles.


The Wunda Chair operates on a spring system, but the movement of the repertoire works against gravity, requiring the client to focus on core stability, balance, and concentration for the movement of the exercise. 

A widely used and the most popular piece of equipment,

it has been known by a few different names, such as the

“Performer” or “Xercizer”.

They all have the basic, original design of Joseph  Pilates' "Reformer".

The Reformer is made up of a movable platform (known as the carriage), shoulder stoppers, a footbar, and pull straps.

​The Reformer operates on a pull or push movement for legs, hips, arms, back, and abdominal muscles. ​​ The carriage is multi-spring loaded, which allows the client to control the level of resistance for various endurance levels.   

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