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Apprentice Pilates Instructor 

Helene Kuperstein - Classical Pilates  Education - Graduate  2015

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Pilates the connection between the Body and the Mind

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                                                               Center              Concentration          Precision benefits of pilates reformer pilates 

Current Studies:

​Women's Health Pilates Specialist Certificate

Classical Pilates Education







          Lori Carbone

                     MeU Pilates   Owner

Certified Pilates Instructor 

               Body Arts and Science International CTTC

Certified Pre-Natal & Post- Natal Specialist                                                                 The Center for Women's Fitness

Certified Pilates For Multiple Sclerosis Specialist

                 Mariska Breland's  Pilates for MS

Certified Women's Health Specialist

                 The Center for Women's Fitness

Additional Certified Specialty 

Pilates for Menopause  - The Center for Women's Fitness

Myofasial Release - The Center for Women's Fitness

Pelvic Floor - The Center for Women's Fitness

​Senior Fitness Certified - Exercise ETC

Barre Certified  - BarWorks / YogaWorks 

Pilates Method Alliance Member

CPR / AED  / First Aid Certified 

The Pilates Instructor  

(If you wonder why Pilates is so expensive.)

The typical Pilates instructor must complete approximately 500 hours of lectures, self-study, observation, preparation, training, and practical work. We  are required to complete coursework and pass examinations in Anatomy, Body Analysis and Movement, and the Fundamental Principle and Philosophy of Pilates, as well as all of Joseph H. Pilates' Repertoire (exercises).  After passing the extensive education program, we are encouraged to obtain additional certification through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) which is a worldwide organization that sets an industry standard for the Pilates Practitioner and requires re-certification  every two years.  The PMA Pilates instructor is also required to complete additional yearly training and  education called "Continued Education Certification". 

I became involved in Pilates about 14 years ago.  I had noticed that after years of being hard on my body:  dance, gymnastics, years of commuting to work, standing on my feet all day (in high heels), managing retail businesses, sitting in an office managing patient care for physicians' practices, Pilates gave me a center.  Pilates also taught me to be aware of where my body was in space and how I move through my day.  I  became aware of the imbalances in my body, whether it was how I sat at my desk, how I drove in my car, and everywhere else.  I was seeing and feeling a difference; I was gaining so much from Pilates.  I thought,  "Everyone needs to try at least one session." 

I hope you will also discover the wonderful benefits of Pilates that I found using The Pilates Method in my life.