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Run, Run, Run
This is Pilates with Heart!
Pilates is all about health and keeping the body healthy. Run, Run, Run is Pilates with a Cardio Twist. In this class you will keep the Pilates repertoire, building endurance and strength, starting with a warm-up and leading into a 30 minute Cardio focus.


Equipment Room Classes

Foundation, Reformer
This is a great place to start your Pilates knowledge. These classes focus on the 6 principles of Joseph Pilates (Breath, Center, Control, Concentration, Flow & Precision) focusing on the body’s core muscles.

We are currently closed due to the COVID-19 Health Advisory 

Our Classes

Foundation: Pilates Mat
Foundation: Pilates MAT class, will explain the foundation of the Pilates Repertoire and the Pilates’ 6 Principles. Focusing on Breathing, Muscle engagement, and stretching. FloorWork classes are the most involved, it is just you and gravity. After Moving You will finish with a mindful meditation, centering and calming the mind.

Strength & Precision
With Pilates movement names such as Backstroke, Breaststroke, Tree, Swan, Teaser, and Over Head, this class: Strength will engage your whole body. You can also request an area or muscle focus such as Hamstrings, Glutes, and Triceps.

FloorWork Room Classes

Strength & Surrender ~Yoga
Warming up the body with gentle stretching and mindful movement flowing into 30 minutes of power flow, breathe to movement and core. Working up a sweat through our power sequence we will then begin to cool down and use props to support more restorative postures.

Functional Movement - Tower, and Reformer based classes
Functional Movement will focus on our day to day movement. The basic essential of balance in our bodies, building strength between the bodies right and left sides to create equilibrium, stability and poise. Functional Movement will focus on our day to day movement. The basic essential of balance in our bodies, building strength between the bodies right and left sides to create equilibrium, stability and poise.

Infinity* Control, Balance
It is all about balance. Focusing on the mobility of the spine and joints by utilizing the Reformer and Tower, this Pilates class’ emphasis is balance and strengthening of your CORE and BACK MUSCLES.

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