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Health with Wellness

Healthy Eating ... Healthy Diet ...

Healthy Living

Your Health,  Diet,   and  Life Style! 

In our Your Health, Diet and Life Style Changes  workshops we would like to give you insight in to healthy daily eating behavior.  That are simple and easy for day to day living. 

If you have ever tried to change your eating behaviors, you know just how difficult it can be:

Weight Loss (overweight) 

Gain weight 


Medical Issues

Emotional eating

Stress eating

Now add on how you see yourself, and how you think  others see you.

Don't forget your personal goals

I don't believe in "Diets" though they are very helpful and can produce weight loss. BUT unless you take the time to change the behavior the weight gain will return and in most cases you will even gain more weight then you have lost.   

Joseph Pilates believed that Whole body Health was the key to a healthy life. 

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