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Did you know…. ​

Joseph Pilates originally developed Pilates for men. Early in Joseph Pilates’ career,  he created the Pilates Reformer and developed programs for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Sick, assisting in the care of bed-bound patients to aid in regaining strength and mobility. 

Joseph Pilates developed Contrology, known now as Pilates, in the 1920's.  In 1926, he set up the first Pilates studio in New York City; it was soon embraced by the dance community as well as the theatrical and entertainment industries.

Joseph Pilates believed that if you just keep the body moving and active, you will remain healthier throughout your life.

He believed in Whole Body Health, which emphasized the importance of awareness of the body, mind, and spirit, accompanied with a healthy diet, sleep habits, and good hygiene. ​ 

By combining his body movement principles of Breath, Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, and Flow, he demonstrated that people would enhance their quality of life. 

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       "Contrology [Pilates] begins with mind control over muscles...

             Ideally, Our muscles should obey our will. Reasonably our will should not be dominates by  the reflex

             actions of  our  muscles".

Joseph Pilate,  Return to Life,  ​1945 

       Is the creator:  Joseph H. Pilates