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Certified Pilates Instructor 
Certified  Barre Above
Trigger Point Foam Rolling Principles & Practices  
 TRX Suspension System Qualified 

Helene was born and raised in Southern California and recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest in early 2018. Helene started her journey with Pilates in 2014 when she decided it was time to take charge of her health. She was aware of Pilates for a long time and as a child she studied ballet for several years, so it seemed like a natural fit. She fell in love with the movement and the science of the movements and wanted to become an instructor so she could share the love and benefits of Pilates. Helene is trained in both Classical and Contemporary Comprehensive Pilates. She also holds Certifications in Above Barre with a Pilates Influence, TP Trigger Point Therapy Level 1 and is a Qualified Instructor by TRX. She is currently studying nutrition in order have more knowledge while the healthy lifestyle.  Helene is constantly looking to further her knowledge/education, and brings new movements/exercises to her classes. Helene is also an artist and pastry chef, and she is working on her own line of “clean cheat” baked goods.

"I enjoy taking reformer Pilates classes from Helene. She is a very conscientious instructor. She knows the program and is able to lead the class in a very professional manner. Each class is different and interesting. Helene's enthusiasm helps guide her students to their maximum potential.

I always look forward to her classes!"
 Lynn W.

The Pilates Instructor  

(What separates  the Pilates Instructor  all other fitness instructors.)

Helene Kuperstein

The typical Pilates instructor must complete approximately 500 hours of lectures, self-study, observation, preparation, training, and practical work. We  are required to complete coursework and pass examinations in Anatomy, Body Analysis and Movement, and the Fundamental Principle and Philosophy of Pilates, as well as all of Joseph H. Pilates' Repertoire (exercises).  After passing the extensive education program, we are encouraged to obtain additional certification through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) which is a worldwide organization that sets an industry standard for the Pilates Practitioner and requires re-certification  every two years.  The PMA Pilates instructor is also required to complete additional yearly training and  education called "Continued Education Certification". 

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