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A little about me  

With nearly 15 years in a medical practice and 20 years in retail management. My first time visiting the Northwest was in 1998 whiling attend an Eddie Bauer management conference. I fell in love with the natural beauty, and I thought to myself  “I have to live here someday”. In 2017 that vision of moving to Washington came true. When my partner unwittily stated “I read Vancouver, Washington is a great place to live”, ding, ding, ding … Well, that’s all it took and we moved.  

I am down to earth (what I would call a farmer).  I love to cook, and red wine. I love to dance, write poetry, and taking photos.  I speaks my thoughts which can get me in trouble,  but most times  I have found it to be good to be honest. I love the rain, and the change in seasons. I love the arts and the Blue Boy and The Pinky.

I’ve hike KoKo Head, Machu Picchu, The Arc de Triomphe. I love New York, Broadway and Victor’s Cafe.  I have watched a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. The only sport I like is Hockey but I also love the Ballet. Dinosaurs are amazing, and Spiders don’t bug me … get it, bug me … I will stop traffic to save a dog, and will foster a kitten a few hours old, and then adopt them. I enjoy driving and am a fantastic car performer. I love anatomy and movement.

Most of all ... I love to laugh. 

What brought me to Pilates

While working in medicine, managing a hospital group of physicians known as Hospitalist. During our daily patient care meetings, listening, observing, thinking, about patient care; how movement could affect our lives in the healing process. Having taken my first Pilates class in my late 30s, I had an epiphany or a midlife crisis (you choose) in my early 40s. I decided to make another career change, to a pursue a career in Health, obtaining my Pilates Citification.

What is Pilates … Yoga? Ahhhh, yes. There is some yoga. Physical Therapy? Hmmmm, yes. There is that too. Mindfulness absolutely! If I could tell you a few things about Pilates it is peaceful movement. Flowing movement. Engaging movement. Yep! there is equipment … there’s those Reformer thingy’s, and other thingamajigs.

But what I love about Pilates is, it is the FUN.

 I have had the privilege to work with a diverse clientele with Multiple Sclerosis, Post Brain tumors, Post Brain Aneurisms, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Scoliosis, Post Spinal Surgery, Neuropathy, Arthrogryposis, Diabetes, Post Knee and Hip Surgeries, as well as many active men and women.

I am very excited to be a part of the open MeU Pilates Studio in Camas and invite and welcome all to my Group Classes,           Small Group Classes, and hope to spend time with you in a Private Studio Session as well”.

I hope to see you in class!

L            >^~,~^<



Lori Carbone

Certified Pilates Instructor  - Body Arts and Science International CTTC

Certified Pre-Natal & Post- Natal Specialist The Center for Women's Fitness

Certified Women's Health Specialist   - The Center for Women's Fitness 

Mariska Breland's  Pilates for MS

Certified Pilates For Multiple Sclerosis Specialist

 Yoga Allaince 2019  200hr Certified Yoga Training ​

  • Certified Pilates Instructor For Scoliosis Specialist
  • ​​Certified  Barre Above
  • Certified Balletone                 
  • Certified  Trigger Point  Level 1