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"Physical fitness can neither be acquired by wishful thinking, nor by outright purchase. However, it can be gained through performing the daily exercises" 

Pilates, Joseph H.  (1945)  Return to Life Through Contrology

pilates exercises pilates classes 

All Private and Semi-Private  Packages are monthly and must be use within30 daysfrom the first session

" Everything should be smooth, like a cat. "             

                            The exercises are done lying, sitting, kneeling, etc. to avoid excessive strain on the heart and lungs.”                                                     ​Joseph Pilates   1880 - 1967

Studio Hours:

Monday through Friday
6:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
By appointment only

Gift Certificates Available 

 Group Classes

FloorWork Group Classes(4 spaces)

$15.00                                                       Single Classes

$125.00                          10 FloorWork Classes ($12.50 per session)

To reserve a mat for a FloorWork group class please call, text, or email

Reformer Group Classes(2 spaces)

$25.00                                           Single Reformer Class

$110.00                           5  Reformer Classes  ($22.00 per session)

To reserve a Reformer for a group class please call, text, or email

Monthly Packages

Private Session  

$ 55.00                                   Single Private Pilates Session

$ 180.00                    4 Private Pilates Sessions   ($45.00 per session)

$ 240.00                   6 Private Pilates Sessions  ($40.00 per session)


​​Combo Sessions 

Semi Private with a Private Session Package

Combo sessions are priced per person

                            $ 105.00            2 Semi Privates & 1 Private Session ($35.00 per session per person)

       $ 120.00            3 Semi Privates & 1 Private Session ($30.00 per session per person)


Additional Services

$10.00                                      Posture Analysis                                                                                      

$10.00                                      Plumb Line Screening                                                                               

$15.00                                      Posture Analysis and Plumb Line Screening                                        

MeU Pilates offers 
Monthly Packages Sessions 
Private Sessions 
Semi Private Sessions
Group Classes

Call, Text or eMail to Schedule a session