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Our Philosophy



Here at the MeU Pilates Studio we believe that Pilates is for everyone, every body type, no matter your age, weight, or physical condition.  You will work with your MeU Pilates Instructor to set your personal goals, and you will work at your own pace. The MeU Pilates Instructor will take you through each Pilates movement, demonstrating and explaining the muscle focus, the movement goal, the breath cycle, and then cue you through the Pilates repertoire.

                   Each piece of Pilates equipment, is unique in design; as you grow and build your Pilates understanding and knowledge and you develop overall body strength, you will be introduced to new and more challenging repertoire to move you towards your personal goals.  

MeU Pilates Studio wants you to know that each and every session is developed based on your physical ability, combined with you own personal goal.

The Benefits of Movement

                   I believe that you must keep your body moving.  Research has shown that if you just move your body through space, you will benefit in so many ways.  Pilates involves movement that is easy on the body, low stress, and low impact.  Movement will actually cause a chain reaction in the body, mentally and medically.  You will feel better,  decrease depression,  reduce everyday stress,  and you may  increase energy  boost your confidence level, Pilates can change your life. 

You may even smile more throughout your day, even on the cloudy days.  There really is no negative theory to movement; in fact the hardest thing is to make yourself get up, get out, and move!  You will improve your all round health, mental health, emotional health, physical health, and immune health.

There is nothing simple about Pilates


                   Pilates movement or repertoires may appear to be simple, but the movement in itself will always have a muscle focus and will follow the basic philosophy of Joseph Pilates and the Pilates Method:   holding the integrity of the movement, building strength, and gaining balance. The Principles of Pilates include:  Awareness, Balance, Breath, Concentration, Control, Center, Efficient, Flow, Harmony, Precision, Muscle Development, and Whole Body Development.



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