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Duet Sessions
2 Clients $30.00 each client 

New Pricing effective January 1st, 2020

Auto-Pay, 3 month commitment 

Private Sessions

1 Private Session $80.00

5 Privates Sessions $375.00

10 Privates Sessions $650.00

$15.00 Single Group 

Limited Monthly Group Classes 

Limited Monthly Group Class Packages 
MUST be used in full within 
30 Days
Sorry No Roll Over 

$20.00       Posture Analysis 

$20.00       Plumb Line Screening           

$35.00       Posture Analysis and Plumb Line Screening 


All group classes are approximately 50 minutes in length.

​​ Private Session assessments are 50 to 90 minutes. You will need to complete the New Client paperwork.

This paperwork can be found at this website under This tab, pull down menu. 

Please complete and bring the paperwork with you.  

For  your convenience you can complete the new client paperwork at the MeU Pilates Studio.  

Auto-Pay, 3 month commitment 

Getting Stronger 

$105.00  10  Group Classes

Additional Classes $15.00 

Getting Started 

$65.00    5   Group Classes

Additional Classes $15.00 

"Physical fitness can neither be acquired by wishful thinking, nor by outright purchase. However, it can be gained through performing the daily exercises" 

Pilates, Joseph H.  (1945)  Return to Life Through Contrology 

Getting Confident 

Unlimited Monthly Group Classes 

Auto-Pay, 3 month commitment 

We are currently closed due to the COVID-19 Health Advisory