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Comprehensive Training 
Comprehensive Training
Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training
Comprehensive Training

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MeU Pilates Studio has partner with Pilates Education Institute and the PMA to host

Contemporary Pilates Education: Instructor Training.  These are small group training with only 6 positions.  

The Pilates Instructor  

The typical Pilates instructor must complete approximately 500 hours of lectures, self-study, observation, preparation, training, and practical work. The Pilates Certification Teacher Training course is an intensive training educational course. You  are required to complete coursework and pass examinations in Anatomy, Body Analysis and Movement, and the Fundamental Principle and Philosophy of The Pilates Method. You must also learn and know how to teach  Joseph H. Pilates' Repertoires (exercises).  After passing the extensive educational program, you are encouraged to obtain additional certification through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) which is a worldwide organization that sets an industry standard for the Pilates Practitioner and requires re-certification  every two years.  The PMA Pilates instructor is also required to complete additional yearly training and  education called "Continued Education Certification". 

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Become a Contemporary Pilates  Instructor

Learn about and study the Pilates Method created by Joseph H. Pilates. 

The practice of Pilates is nearly 90 years old, originally named Contrology .

"Contrology is complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit."

Joseph H. Pilates,  Return to Life, 1945

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$1000.00 Pilates Mat Certification Program 

$4000.00 Pilates Comprehensive Program (includes Mat Certification)

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