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My husband and I are both thrilled that Lori has opened   MeU Pilates in Camas!  She is a highly trained, enthusiastic teacher. Several people have described a class with her as similar to  private session because she watches everyone so closely. We definitely agree!  She generously offers a Look, See, Try free class so people can check out this amazing facility. If you are wondering whether or not to try, stop wondering and go as soon as possible. You will be glad you do!
We are 68 and 69 currently and know that our strength (especially in our core), our flexibility, and our posture have all significantly improved since we found MeU Pilates.  
The wonderful news is that Lori's pricing is amazing for the unlimited classes! The best prices for the BEST classes is something you don't want to miss out on!!! We love MeU Pilates and feel confident you will, too. 

                                                                                                MaryJo   L.      2019

Lori has it all together. She is an excellent trainer, knows just what to do to get the most out of you. Most importantly, she has the heart of a teacher. She wants the best for her students!

If I could give her six stars, I would.
                                                       John L.  2019

I've been into exercise and fitness for over 20 years and have been a member at MeU since they opened last Spring. MeU is a friendly, fun atmosphere with knowledgeable instructors who meet you at your level and challenge you. Progress and results and community are all a part of the experience at MeU. It's easy to fit workouts into a busy schedule with the frequency and variety of classes. The equipment and the studio space is first class! Whatever your fitness level, come check it out!                          Robin N. 2020

I just recently relocated to Camas. I am so lucky Lori was just opening her new state of the art Studio!  I have been learning and growing as a Pilates student over the past two years.  I have trained with some of the best. Lori is right at the top. She is a knowledgable teacher and a caring wonderful person.  It helps that she has the right equipment and the right environment. This studio welcomes all ages, men and women, and is a great place for beginners and the most seasoned.

                                                                           Carlos N.     2019

MeU Pilates has exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.  The studio offers an extensive variety of classes to accommodate every skill level.  The quantity of classes every day enables me to go when convenient, before or after work or on my lunch break.  The instructors are fantastic.  I'm so grateful that this studio opened up!               Sarah M. 2019

Lori is very professional.  Her equipment is great.  She is meticulously clean and sanitizes all of the equipment.  I have back issues and Lori has helped me work through these issues.  She is very careful about each movement that I make.  I have taken a long term approach to strengthening my core and eliminating my back issues.  Pilates is the first thing that I've been able to do consistently without injury.  I prefer one-on-one training.  Lori has provided a flexible schedule that I am able to keep and she accommodates my business travel needs.

                                                                                Leslie L.  2015

I have spinal stenosis, any exercise if any is done at a minimum.  But Dr's said I needed to do something or surgery was eminent.  Luckily I found MeU Pilates.  I have been physical all my life, but now restricted by a bad back.  I thought Pilates was just for women.  It is not easy, but after 6 months, I am walking better, sleeping better, and feel stronger.  You cannot beat the personalized training you get with Lori.  I challenge any of you macho men to give it a try.  Strengthen your core.  It has really helped me. Thank you Lori.

                                                                    Frank P.  2015

Cannot say enough good things about Lori and MeU Pilates. I found MeU Pilates about a year ago after taking a few mat and private classes at another studio. Lori is extremely professional and the studio is very clean. Lori listens to what you say and what you want to get out of Pilates and focuses the session based on this. Lori makes sure that you work within your capacity and gives you a great workout. I was not a workout fan before, but after the 2nd session with Lori I was hooked. Lori gives a lot of attention to detail and makes sure she has your best interest in mid during your session. Pilates is the best for developing a strong core!                                                                                                                                                    Helene K.     2015

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have never done Pilates before and am amazed at how much I actually enjoy it, as I hate working out. The studio is clean and pretty. I have lost weight doing this, and have toned, lost inches and have become stronger. The workouts are fun and personalized. But the best part is the instructor Lori, she is nice, and makes the workouts go by fast, and totally works with you to make your work outs as comfortable as possible, since I have a bad back, but you literally drip sweat onto the floor, but that's ok since sweat IS fat crying! I have recommended all of my friends & family, and some have joined as well, give it a try :-)                                              Crystal  J.​   2014

I really wanted to try Pilates for the first time and I found MeU Pilates and I thought I would give it a try. It turned out to be a great choice! The studio is very neat, clean, and decorated beautifully! The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming (I really am stressing the comfort)! Lori, the owner and instructor, is very organized with paperwork and is ready to get you started the minute you contact her. She is very encouraging and very understanding. I was late a couple of times (I drive from Moorpark to see her twice a week) and she would always accommodate me (not many businesses care about their clients like she does)! Her lessons are tailored to your physical needs and she is always modifying exercised and challenging you to become stronger and more balanced! Her pricing is about 1/2 the price of other private lessons with exceeding service. Where else can you find this? All in all, great lessons (sore every time, in a good way), great instructor, great studio, great prices!

A MUST try:)                                                                   Maria M. 2014   

Pilates, You Sneaky Devil

On Monday I finally took the plunge and attended my first Pilates class. I saw someone on a reality show doing Pilates on a Reformer years ago. Since then I've stalked Groupon and LivingSocial for deals on local Pilates studios. Every studio that came up was at least 10 miles away and I know myself. Any excuse to get out of exercising. 10 miles away sounded like an easy out.Saturday night during one of my "I'm sick of being this way" moods, I hopped on the computer and Googled "Pilates" in my town. Guess what? The first result was for a home studio within walking distance from my house! Can you believe it? Meant to be. So I shot over an email and set up my first session. Easy!When I arrived at the studio, Lori, the studio owner and instructor, asked some questions about my physical health and history, and then gave me a tour, reviewing the various equipment and their uses. Her studio smells relaxing if that's even possible and I couldn't help thinking I was there to get a massage.As Lori guided me through each exercise I was reminded just how out of shape I am. Oh and incredibly weak. While I want to get down to a healthy weight, I also am very interested in doing it the right way and making other strides along the way. Becoming stronger is one of the goals I'd like to achieve. The Reformer Let me just say that the Reformer is very deceiving. Since I'm a beginner, Lori kept it easy, but even then it was difficult. I've always thought since you can lay down on the Reformer, the exercises would be easy. Not the case. It's now almost a week later and I still feel my abs. What I really liked was Lori's focus on form. She didn't let me just go willy-nilly doing each exercise. By doing so, I felt muscles I've never felt before. Another great thing about Pilates? It's low impact. Perfect for anyone who has had an injury.By the end of my session, I felt relaxed yet had a hard time walking. I've definitely been bitten by the Pilates bug. If you are on the fence about trying Pilates, give it a shot and if you are in the area, go visit Lori.

                                                                                                                                                           Nikki C.   2014 

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